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Tell me more about this rooki thing.

Rooki was born from frustration in finding good, free resources for design students. Now, you can find everything you need in one single place.

Why tho?

Being a student myself, I've struggled during my studies to find all I needed in one place. It's so easy to find free resources online nowadays but there is also a bunch of trash.

Most articles and interviews I read during these past few years were catered for experienced designers or people who already work in the industry. What about all those young creative minds that need help to become future leaders?

Here everything is catered for that young creative. All the interviews are written in order to help design wannabes, all the resources listed are free of charge and everything is for YOU.


Rooki.design was created, designed and developed by Edoardo Rainoldi, a young digital product designer born in Italy but who travelled all around the world to work and study. Check his portfolio here!

How do I get involved?

Do you want to collaborate with rooki.design? Do you have great free resources or help for young creatives? Get in touch on Twitter @edoardorainoldi!