Leena Murdeshwar is an illustrator and graphic designer originally from India but now based in San Francisco, USA. She creates innovative, playful and bold designs that are a pleasure to look at.

Moreland posters

Leena's work brings a kind of attention to details and boldness that only very experienced designers have, while she has only just graduated from school. Her work never fails to make me smile and enjoy myself, while keeping an interest on the subject.

Moreland vinyl cover

Leena is passionate about creating anything from posters, book covers and album art, telling incredible stories through visuals. She worked on projects such as the 2018 World Cup posters during her time at Apple.

FIFA World Cup 2018 posters

Robert Greene book covers

Mumbai Local Guide

Check out Leena's work on her portfolio and on Instagram. Read her interview on The Design Kids to learn more about her work.