Phillip is a specialist when it comes to all things storytelling. He’s studying at the HAWK University in Hildesheim and the work he’s created in and outside of school is none other than awe-inspiring. Calling him a student is a severe understatement.

Skateboard deck design for KETA Skateboards. (See work)

Each piece that he creates immerses you in a world that’s unique and diverse. Whether it’s the urban landscape of a skateboard deck or the dreamy photography of an album cover, there’s a story waiting to be unlocked by anyone who lays eyes on them. What do you see?

CD Album design for Chiefland. (See work)

Redesign album work for the song ‘NVM’ by Simple Creatures. (See work)

Global warming awareness poster on greenhouse gases. (See project)

Phillip’s poster work is definitely worth a deeper dive. His “Waiting For Morning To Come” series is filled with intriguing explorations in typography, color, shape, and layout. And of course, who couldn’t appreciate the messaging behind the global warming poster?

Poster series for the album “Waiting For Morning To Come”. (See project)

Be sure to check out more of Phillip’s work on his Website, Dribbble, Behance, and Instagram.