Théo is a French Junior Digital and Interactive Designer who focuses on UX/UI experiences and motion design. He has a peculiar interest in minimal and clean designs.

MING Labs - Website design
MING Labs - Website design (Case)

He has got a great sensibility in UX design, which he can put in projects like Mundiavocat. Coupled with his UI skills, it results in a super clean website, with an interesting hierarchy in information, allowing users to find what they need easily.

Mundiavocat website design
Mundiavocat website design (Case)

Théo also did an interesting job in redesigning the Synerg’Hetic website, creating great visual balance between pure information, images and graphical elements.

Synerg’Hetic web design
Synerg’Hetic web design (Link)

Synerg’Hetic web design
Synerg’Hetic web design (Link)

His own portfolio is also a notable piece, with a minimal yet efficient design which make his work stand out. Don’t forget to check his website online and see how it animates!

Theo Rosel portfolio
Theo Rosel portfolio (Link)

Discover more of Théo’s work on his portfolio and Behance. And don’t forget his Dribbble for more animated pieces.