Kicking off 2020 as our first Rooki of the Week is Tiffany Nguyen. She’s a passionate visual problem solver who graduated from the University of Berkeley, California. Her focus is on visual spaces and her work is none other than “eggcelent”.

Slow down by Tiffany Nguyen - 30 days of eggs. (See work)

As part of a personal project of hers, Tiffany decided to take on the #30daychallenge where she created 30 custom illustrations on one subject matter. Eggs. 30 Days of straight-up eggs and the result is amazing.

Egg tart by Tiffany Nguyen - 30 days of eggs. (See work)

Pool party by Tiffany Nguyen - 30 days of eggs. (See work)

The contemporary and modern illustrative style works beautifully here, and Tiffany’s concepts for each day range from being hilariously clever to down-right adorable. Come on, you can’t tell me that those egg floaties didn’t put a smirk on your face.

Thank you by Tiffany Nguyen - 30 days of eggs.. (See work)

During her time as a Graphic Artist for The Daily Californian, a student-run newspaper in Berkeley, she helped craft compelling visuals on the latest news stories and statistics. These 2 pieces really capture the essence of the UC Berkeley that words alone can’t achieve. That’s the power of effective visual communication. Hats off to you, Tiffany.

Freshman Special Issue Covers. (See work)

Check out more of Tiffany’s work on her Website, Behance, and Instagram.